What we do

NG is a new age retailer that believes in enhancing relationships to pursue innovation. Our success is driven by the extraordinary relationships we build with our partners. Whether it’s operating through our various channels of brick and mortar stores or promoting products through our online retail network, we consistently bring in stunning results that has identified us as one of the best up and coming merchants.

Brick and Mortar

We recognize the importance for brick and mortar stores to have our products readily accessible in the local community. We have exclusive partnerships with specialty general stores who are dedicated to serving their community.


We pride ourselves in giving our customers the smoothest online shopping experience. Our selection of niche websites provides a wide assortment of products from eco-friendly merchandise to premium beauty commodities. We also hold an exclusive account on the Amazon marketplace for over 5 years, making us highly valued experts in the field.

Amazon Storefront

As one of Amazon’s 200 top sellers in the marketplace for over a decade, we use extensive market research to increase product visibility and value

NG Storefront

An amazing selection of products and brands from skincare to sporting goods for the new generation.


Quality pet products and accessories to bring a happy smile to your pet.


Premium hard to find authentic beauty products.

Baby Supply Authority

Safe and tested baby products at customer friendly prices

System Innovation

Our innovative system is all developed in-house to give our vendors the maximum experience.

Product Development

Our extensive market research is taking NG to the next generation of imagination and design.


Our warehouse facility is designed with our customers in mind. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest customer satisfaction rating by carefully inspecting and packaging each individual product.