Our Mission

At NG, we are committed to answering life’s challenges in ways not previously considered, with innovative products and services that will improve your life. We aim to change the way people interact with the world, from the smallest encounters to the greatest adventures. Driven by our core value of constant improvement, our dedicated team is continuously creating, innovating, and pushing the limits of what’s possible. NG prides itself in having a group of engaged, out of the box thinking individuals. In an ever changing ecommerce landscape NG stays ahead with an enthusiastic and determined workforce.

Our Story

NG was created in the summer of 2008 by a group of young UCLA entrepreneurs who joined together with an endeavor to promote longer, healthier lives. They quickly evolved from a health and wellness retailer to a major player in the ecommerce world. In 2012 the company moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to the founder’s roots. From there, they took advantage of the burgeoning start-up scene and expanded to a wider audience across multiple locations. As a leader in this new era of commerce, NG continues to innovate and bring ground-breaking products to the global community.

Our Values

Create, Innovate, and Improve

Build for the future and leave things better than you found them.

Good Judgment

Thinking things through strategically and effectively to reach the best solution.

Just Do It

We are a team of doers. We take action to maximize potential.

Freedom and responsibility to shape the future

Seek new ways to better yourself

Build on trust and confidence

Consciously explore options and impacts of potential paths; acknowledge that dissension is okay.

Freedom and Responsibility

We have the freedom to explore new ideas and opportunities, and the responsibility to maximize the potential.

Be Humble, Open, and Honest

We all make mistakes and to use mistakes as learning opportunities to be authentic, passionate, and empathetic.

Embrace Mistakes and Drive Solutions

Have courage to attack problems head-on! Mistakes are part of the process when it comes to finding the perfect solution.

Have Fun

Work is better when you’re having fun. Celebrate the good moments; recognize success and reward accomplishments

Be Passionate, Positive, and Love Being Here

Passion and positive mindset constantly drives us to reach the next level. It’s what makes us love being here and constantly chase improvement.